Structure/Composition of the Commission

The National AIDS Commission’s structure includes a 29 member Board of Commissioners; an Executive Committee, and a Secretariat.

Board of Directors

NAC is a corporate body governed by a Commission (Board) whose members are appointed by the President. The Board presently is composed of 29 members drawn from the government and non-government sectors, People Living with HIV (PLHIV) and individuals who are selected for their outstanding expertise and commitment to the HIV and AIDS struggle. The Commission is chaired by a full-time Chairperson (the President of Liberia), and is serviced by a full time Secretariat. The Commission meets biannually to receive and discuss technical and policy issues from stakeholder consultations through the Partnership approach.  

Members of the Board of Directors  

The Commission comprises the following members:

  1. Chairperson, who is the President of the Republic of Liberia
  2. Vice Chairman, Minister of Health and Social Welfare
  3. Minister of Education
  4. Minister of Youth and Sports
  5. Minister of Information, Culture, and Tourism
  6. Minister of Gender and Development
  7. Minister of Internal Affairs
  8. Minister of Labour
  9. The Liberia Council of Churches
  10. The Liberia Chamber of Commerce
  11. The Liberia Bankers Association
  12. The Liberia Business Association
  13. The Liberia Rubber Planters Association
  14. Liberia Federation of Labour Unions
  15. The Liberia National Teachers Union
  16. The Liberia Muslim Council
  17. The Liberia Medical and Dental Association
  18. The Liberia Nurses Association
  19. The National Bar Association
  20. The Federation of Liberian Youth
  21. The Liberia Marketing Association
  22. The Liberia Pharmaceutical Association
  23. The People Living with AIDS Representative (female)
  24. The People Living with AIDS Representative (male)
  25. The Country Representative of the World Health Organization
  26. County Representative of UNICEF
  27. Country Representative of UNFPA
  28. A representative of NGO’s health care services
  29. All other persons or organizations as the President may appoint

Tenure and Removal of Members of the Board

With the exception of the President, ministers of government, and country representatives of international organizations, each member of the Commission shall hold office for a period not exceeding three (3) years and shall be eligible for reappointment.     

A Commissioner shall cease to be a member of the Commission if:

  • He/she resigns from the Commission;
  • The representing institution for any good causes revokes appointment of such a Commissioner;
  • A Commissioner is appointed to such other position that will be inconsistent with his membership of the Commission;
  • A Commissioner is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Commission without sufficient cause, in which case the Executive Director shall by letter to the representing agency, request a revocation of the appointment;
  • Upon expiry of the three year term and is not reappointed for a further term.

Meetings of the Commission

The Commission shall hold its meeting bi annually; however, it shall also hold emergency meetings, provided that the Executive Director, by directive of the Chairperson, may at any time, call such a meeting.  The meetings of the Commission shall be presided over by the Chairperson (the President), in whose absence, the Vice Chairperson shall preside.  In the absence of both, the Chairperson shall designate a presiding officer.  

The Executive Committee

An Executive Committee comprising 13 members and appointed by the President shall exercise powers of the Commission between meetings.  The membership of the Commission may be reduced or enlarged as determined by the Commission.  The Committee meets quarterly, on the 2nd Thursday of March, June, September, and December of each year.  

Members of the Executive Committee

  1. The Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Co Chair of the National AIDS Commission and Chairman of the Executive Committee
  2. The Minister of Information
  3. The National Bar Association, Co Chair of the Executive Committee
  4. The Liberia Medicines Regulatory Authority
  5. The Liberia Council of Churches
  6. WHO Country Representative, representing the World Health Organization
  7. Representative of Light Association, an association of People Living with HIV
  8. Christian Health Association of Liberia
  9. The Liberia Business Association
  10. The Liberia Marketing Association
  11. The Liberia Nursing Association
  12. The Federation of Liberian Youth
  13. UNAIDS
  14. The Program Manager, Global Fund (Ministry of  Health) proposed by the  Chairman of the Executive Committee


The Commission’s Secretariat is headed by an Executive Director appointed by the President.  The Secretariat is responsible for the running of the day to day affairs of the Commission.  Consistent with the role of the Commission, the Secretariat is divided into four departments, each headed by a Coordinator, who reports to the Executive Director.  The Coordinators/departments are as follows:

  1. Partnership Coordinator – Responsible for the overall liaising with all the various HIV and AIDS implementing partners and ensuring a harmonized approach to the HIV and AIDS fight in Liberia
  2. Finance and Administration Officer – Includes strengthening of the Commission’s human resources and institutional capacities, logistics, finance, and information technology
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation Coordinator – Responsible for monitoring the national HIV and AIDS response, taking into consideration partners’ plans, achievements, HIV and AIDS data, Universal Access, etc.
  4. Information, Education and Communication Coordinator – In addition to ensuring public awareness of the Commission and its functions, works with partners to ensure a consistent approach in the Information, Education, and Communication, and Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) aspect of the national response.