Commissioner Kolee is about placing the lighted candle to the ground among the other ones as a symbol of identification with those who lost their lives due to HIV and AIDS epidemic in the global World

The candles are now properly lighted and placed to the ground in remembrance of those who lost the lives.
The candles are now properly lighted and placed to the ground in remembrance of those who lost the lives.
Photo Credit: Rev. Ben P. Cooper


On Sunday, July 1st 2018, the national AIDS Commission along with Officials of the Lutheran Church in Liberia (LCL) HIV and AIDS response Institution, The People Living with HIV and AIDS (LibNet+), Representatives of Stop AIDS In Liberia (SAIL), the Anti-AIDS Media, The LCM, Civil Society Organizations, converged at the Lutheran Church on 14th Street Sinkor to observe with other countries around the world the Global AIDS Week of Action (GAWA) with the theme: REFLECTING ON THE PAST AND PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE.  This Occasion is memorialized on an annual basis.

GAWA is observed each year globally to remember those who lost their lives as a result of the AIDS pandemic. The occasion commences with an indoor program where representatives of various HIV and AIDS institutions express their condolences and make remarks in acknowledgement of fallen individuals.

Following the indoor program, participants of the occasion moved outdoor to light candles in remembrance of deceased individuals who departed this world on account of HIV and AIDS related illnesses.    

During this occasion, it was revealed by the National AIDS Commission through its Acting Chairperson that HIV and AIDS remains a serious Health threat to the survival of mankind in the world. Not only that, she reiterated that: “it is also estimated that 43,000 people in Liberia live with HIV and AIDS (with the general prevalence at 2.1%). In this estimate, 10,131 (23%) of persons living with HIV are on treatment, 2,000 need treatment yearly and 1,382 (69.1%) receive treatment. We have nearly 2,900 new HIV infections occurring every year, while annual deaths stand at 2,800”

 Remarking on this occasion, she strongly pledged that the National AIDS Commission under her administration will aid people living with HIV and AIDS in Liberia; particularly pointing to the issues revolving around Stock-out on Antiretroviral Medication (ARVs) at the healthcare facilities level.

In the National AIDS Commission’s commitment to support HIV response in Liberia, She urged other people that are not affected by the virus, to engage in measures that prevent them from being infected.